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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare


G. Serrano, I. Cimatti, B. Cortigiani, E. Velez-Fort, L. Malavolti, L. Poggini, D. Betto, M. Serri, N. B. Brookes, A. Ouerghi, E. Otero, M. Mannini, R. Sessoli

“Magnetic behavior of Single Molecule Magnets thin films on low dimensional substrates”

2018 Joint Conference of the EPS and DPG Condensed Matter Divisions, 11-16 March 2018, Berlin (Germany).


M. Fittipaldi, A. Cini, R. Mercatelli, E. Falvo, P. Ceci, D.Gatteschi, M. Ardini, B.D. Howes, A. Ilari, A. Fiorillo, G. Spina, S. Stefanini

"Magnetic Nanoparticles in Bioreactors: host-guest characterization by EPR and Mössbauer Spectroscopies"

51th Annual International Meeting Electron Spin Resonance Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London,  8th – 12th April, 2018, UK.


A.L. Sorrentino

“Self-assembly of Terbium bis(phthalocyaninato) Single-Molecule Magnet on TiO2 surfaces”

11th European School on Molecular Nanoscience (EsMolNa2018), 6th Workshop on 2D Material and COST MolSpin Working Group 3 Workshop on Molecular spin for quantum technologies ‘’. Puerto de Santiago 20-25 May 2018, Tenerife (Spain).


C. Sangregorio

“Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications” Italian school on Magnetism “Advanced magnetic materials and devices for biomedical applications” Turin, 21-25 May 2018



“Spin dynamics in molecular materials: the overlooked role of vibrations”

The XXIVth International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect

24th-29th June 2018 - Santander (Spain)


A. Cini, M. Mannini, A. Cornia, M. Fittipaldi, G. Spina, F. Totti, A. I. Chumakov, R. Rüffer, R. Sessoli

“Synchrotron Mössbauer spectroscopy unveils the properties of a monolayer of single molecule magnets deposited on gold”

Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Materials Science 2018, 25-28/06/2018, Praga.


A. Caneschi

From the development of advanced techniques at the nanoscale to the problem-solving activity for SME R&D”

NMP REG – 6th Interregional Learning Event – Bucharest, Romania, July 2018


R. Sessoli

“Challenging hybrid interfaces: magnetic molecules on surfaces”

XXVIII International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry, Florence (Italy), 15-20/7/2018


M. Atzori, L. Tesi, S. Benci, L. Sorace, R. Sessoli

Vanadyl complexes: from qubit design to quantum simulation”

The 59th Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance will take place July 22-27, 2018 the Snowbird, Utah

M. Atzori

“A Two-Qubit Molecular Architecture for Electron-mediated Nuclear Quantum Simulation”

7th EuCheMS Chemistry CongressRoyal Society of Chemistry, 26-30 August 2018, Liverpool (U.K.).


L. Sorace, M. Atzori, L. Tesi, M. Chiesa, E. Morra, S. Benci, R. Torre, R. Sessoli “Spin “Dynamics and Low Energy Vibrations: structural effects in Vanadyl-based Potential Molecular Qubits”

43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Sendai (Japan). 30 Lug-4 Ago 2018.


R. Sessoli

“Magnetic molecules for quantum information technologies”

Seminar at University Fluminense, 23/08/2018 Niteroi, Brasil.


M. Mannini

" X-rays for the characterization of magnetic molecules at the nanoscale“

“16th International Conference on molecule-based Magnets”, 30-31/08/2018, Rio de Janeiro (Brasile).


L. Sorace, M. Atzori, A. Chiesa, M. Chiesa, E. Morra, S. Carretta, R. Sessoli

”A dinuclear vanadyl complex for electron-mediated nuclear quantum simulation”

16th International Conference on Molecule-based Magnets, Rio de Janeiro, 1-5 Settembre 2018


R. Sessoli, M. Fittipaldi, A. Cini, G. Annino, A. Caneschi, A. Vindigni

“Electric Field modulated electron paramagnetic resonance reveals a pure spin magnto-electric effect in molecular helices”

The 16th International Conference on Molecule-based Magnets – ICMM2018, September, 1-5, 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


M. Atzori

“A Two-Qubit Molecular Architecture for Electron-mediated Nuclear Quantum Simulation”

9th Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS 2018) The European Magnetism Association, 03-07 September 2018, Mainz (Germany).


R. Sessoli

“Magnetic molecules on surfaces from magnetic bistability towards quantum coherence”

Seminar at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz


M. Briganti

"Covalent or Electrostatic? What DyDOTA can teach us about chemical bonding in f-elements" 

Società Chimica Italiana - XXXVI Convegno Interregionale TUMA, Pisa (Italy), 4-5 Ottobre 2018.


G. Fernandez Garcia, F. Totti, B. Le Guennic

“Lanthanide-based SMMs: from molecular properties to surface grafting exploiting multi-level ab initio techniques”

International Conference ”XVI èmes Rencontres des Chimistes Théoriciens Francophones” 8-12/10/2018, Toulouse, France

Invitato come vincitore per la migliore tesi teorico/computazionale francese del 2018.


G. Cucinotta

"Affecting spin-injection in organic spin-valves modifying their spinterface with magnetic molecules"

COST MolSpin Workshop “Spins and Interfaces” – 21-24 ottobre 2018, Peníscola, Spain – International workshop


L. Poggini

"Iron (II) Spincrossover compound, from 2D assemblies to functional device"

2nd European Conference on Molecular Spintronics (ECMolS2018), Peniscola (Spagna) 21-24 ottobre


M. Fittipaldi, A. Cini, G. Annino, A. Vindigni, A. Caneschi, R. Sessoli

“Electric field modulation of magnetic exchange in molecular helices”

2nd European Conference on Molecular Spintronics (ECMolS2018) Peníscola (Spain), 21st to 24th October 2018


C. Sangregorio

“Tailoring Magnetic Nanoparticle Properties Towards Feasible Applications” Seminar at

Immanuel Kant Federal Baltic University, Kaliningrad (Russia) December 11th 2018.






R. Sessoli

MAINZ Master Class

Molecular Magnetism

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, January 22-23, 2018


R. Sessoli

“Characterization of magnetic molecules on surfaces”

11th European School on Molecular Nanoscience

Puerto de Santiago (Tenerife, Spain) 20th - 25th May 2018


R. Sessoli

“Spin dynamics in magnetic molecules”

Spin+X summer school “MolSpin”, Molecular Spintronics to be held in Mainz from October 8 to 12, 2018.


L. Sorace

EPR of S>1/2, First joint EPR school ARPE-GIRSE 2018

Carry Le Rouet 3-7 Giugno 2018

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