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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare


G. Serrano, I. Cimatti, B. Cortigiani, E. Velez-Fort, L. Malavolti, L. Poggini, D. Betto, M. Serri, N. B. Brookes, A. Ouerghi, E. Otero, M. Mannini, R. Sessoli

“Magnetic behavior of Single Molecule Magnets thin films on low dimensional substrates”

2018 Joint Conference of the EPS and DPG Condensed Matter Divisions, 11-16 March 2018, Berlin (Germany).


A.L. Sorrentino

“Self-assembly of Terbium bis(phthalocyaninato) Single-Molecule Magnet on TiO2 surfaces”

11th European School on Molecular Nanoscience (EsMolNa2018), 6th Workshop on 2D Material and COST MolSpin Working Group 3 Workshop on Molecular spin for quantum technologies ‘’. Puerto de Santiago 20-25 May 2018, Tenerife (Spain).


A. Cini, M. Mannini, A. Cornia, M. Fittipaldi, G. Spina, F. Totti, A. I. Chumakov, R. Rüffer, R. Sessoli

“Synchrotron Mössbauer spectroscopy unveils the properties of a monolayer of single molecule magnets deposited on gold”

Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Materials Science 2018, 25-28/06/2018, Praga.


A. Caneschi

From the development of advanced techniques at the nanoscale to the problem-solving activity for SME R&D”

NMP REG – 6th Interregional Learning Event – Bucharest, Romania, July 2018


M. Atzori

“A Two-Qubit Molecular Architecture for Electron-mediated Nuclear Quantum Simulation”

7th EuCheMS Chemistry CongressRoyal Society of Chemistry, 26-30 August 2018, Liverpool (U.K.).


L. Sorace, M. Atzori, L. Tesi, M. Chiesa, E. Morra, S. Benci, R. Torre, R. Sessoli “Spin “Dynamics and Low Energy Vibrations: structural effects in Vanadyl-based Potential Molecular Qubits”

43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Sendai (Japan). 30 Lug-4 Ago 2018.


M. Mannini

X-rays for the characterization of magnetic molecules at the nanoscale"

“16th International Conference on molecule-based Magnets”, 30-31/08/2018, Rio de Janeiro (Brasile).


L. Sorace, M. Atzori, A. Chiesa, M. Chiesa, E. Morra, S. Carretta, R. Sessoli

”A dinuclear vanadyl complex for electron-mediated nuclear quantum simulation”

16th International Conference on Molecule-based Magnets, Rio de Janeiro, 1-5 Settembre 2018


M. Atzori

“A Two-Qubit Molecular Architecture for Electron-mediated Nuclear Quantum Simulation”

9th Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS 2018) The European Magnetism Association, 03-07 September 2018, Mainz (Germany).


M. Briganti

"Covalent or Electrostatic? What DyDOTA can teach us about chemical bonding in f-elements" 

Società Chimica Italiana - XXXVI Convegno Interregionale TUMA, Pisa (Italy), 4-5 Ottobre 2018.


G. Cucinotta

"Affecting spin-injection in organic spin-valves modifying their spinterface with magnetic molecules"

COST MolSpin Workshop “Spins and Interfaces” – 21-24 ottobre 2018, Peníscola, Spain – International workshop


L. Poggini

"Iron (II) Spincrossover compound, from 2D assemblies to functional device"

2nd European Conference on Molecular Spintronics (ECMolS2018), Peniscola (Spagna) 21-24 ottobre








EPR of S>1/2, First joint EPR school ARPE-GIRSE 2018

Carry Le Rouet 3-7 Giugno 2018




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