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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare

LaMM's communications in 2014

Workshop "Il magnetismo attrae l'impresa" – AIMAG, 25/02/2014, Bologna (Italy)

C. Sangregorio



Meet in Italy for Life Science, Firenze, 31/03–2/04/2014

A. Caneschi

“A new powerful tool for imaging non-conductive nanomaterials”


J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 10/04/2014

A. Caneschi

“Isolated, small islands and monolayer of S=1/2 paramagnetic molecules on conductive surfaces for ESN-STM detection”


"MRS 2014", 21-25/04/2014, San Francisco (USA).

C. Sangregorio, E. Fantechi, C. Innocenti, M. Zanardelli, L. di Cesare Mannelli, C. Ghelardini, M. Fornara, E. Falvo, P. Ceci

"Protein based multifunctional nanoparticles for Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia"

F. Pineider, G. Campo, V. Bonanni, J. Fernandez, G. Mattei, C. Sangregorio

"Magnetoplasmonic Nanostructures Studied with a Magneto-Optical Probe"


University of Tubingen (Germany), 7/05/2014.

A. Caneschi 

“Single Molecule Magnets, from the bulk to the surfaces, turning a nightmare into a vision”


“Intermag 2014”, 3–8/05/2014, Dresda (Germany)

V. Bonanni, J. Fernandez, F. Pineider, G. Campo, V. Amendola, C. Sangregorio

“A way to improve the magnetoplasmonic response of gold: AuFe alloy nanoparticles”

"The Brazilian Condensed Matter Physics Meeting (ENFMC)", 10-17/05/2014 - Costa do Sauípe (Brazil).

L. Malavolti, L. Poggini, V. Lanzilotto, I. Cimatti, B. Cortigiani, S. Ninova, F. Totti, Cornia, M. Mannini, R. Sessoli

"Molecular nanomagnets on conducting substrates"


“EMRS spring meeting 2014”, 26-30/05/2014, Lille (France). 

R. Sessoli, M.E. Boulon, M. Mannini, L.Poggini, A. Caneschi, A. Rogalev, F. Wilhelm, A. Vindigni, M. Scarrozza, P. Barone, S. Picozzi

"Chiral molecular magnetic nanowires"


ICOE 2014, 10-13/06/2014, Modena (Italy)

M. Mannini, E. Dalcanale, G. G. Condorelli, Ph. Sainctavit, A. Cornia, R. Sessoli

"Single-Molecule Magnets for Molecular Spintronics:how to handle fragile molecules at the nanoscale"


CIMTEC 2014 - 6th Forum on New Materials, 15-19/06/2014, Montecatini Terme, (Italy).

E. Lottini, A. López-Ortega, G. Campo, E. Fantechi and C. Innocenti, C. de Julián Fernández, C. Sangregorio

“Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles for Permanent Magnets”


NanoPlasm 2014, 16-20/06/2014, Cetraro (Italy).

F. Pineider, G. Campo, V. Bonanni, C. de Julián Fernández, G. Mattei, M. Gurioli, A. Caneschi, C. Sangregorio

"Circular magnetoplasmonic modes in noble metal and hybrid nanoparticles"


19th International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements - SCTE 2014 21-26/06/2014, Genova (Italy)

R. Sessoli

“Lanthanides in molecular magnetism:a fascinating challenge”


SINFO II - Surface, Interface and Functionalization Processes in Organic Compounds and Applications;, 25 -27 June 2014, Trieste (Italy).

V. Lanzilotto, L. Malavolti, S. Ninova, I. Cimatti, L. Poggini, E. Otero, Ph. Sainctavit, M. Mannini, A Cornia, F. Totti and R. Sessoli

“Magnetic, electronic and structural properties of Fe4 SMMs sublimated on surfaces”


ICMM 2014, 05-09/07/2014, Saint Petersburg (Russia).

M. Perfetti, Z. Ameer, F. Pineider, L. Poggini, E. Otero, M. Mannini, L. Sorace, C. Sangregorio, G. Maruccio, A.Cornia, R. Sessoli

"Magnetic and electrical properties of a new hybrid material combining single-molecule magnets and gold nanoparticles"

R. Sessoli

“Magnetochiral and magnetoelectric effects in chiral molecular chains”


International Workshop Novel Trends in Physics of Ferroics 2014, 04-05/07/2014, Saint Petersburg (Russia).

R. Sessoli

"Magnetochiral molecular nanowires"


GRenoble (LNCMI-CNRS), 15/07/2014

L. Sorace

"Investigation of magnetic anisotropy in star-shaped tetranuclear clusters by W-band EPR"


ICN + T, 20-25/07/2014, Vail (Denver), Colorado (USA)

M. Mannini, F. Bertani, C.Tudisco, L. Poggini, L. Malavolti, K. Mistzal, E. Otero, Ph. Sainctavit, G. G. Condorelli, E. Dalcanale, R. Sessoli

"TbPc2 single-molecule magnets chemically grafted on silicon surface"


Seminar at the Soleil synchrotron facility, 27-31/07/2014, Paris (France).

V. Lanzilotto

"Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Interfaces: self-assembly, charge transfer and magnetic properties”  


"European Conference on Surface Science 30" (ECOSS30), 30/08-06/09/2014, Antalya (Turkey).

V. Lanzilotto, L. Malavolti, S. Ninova, I. Cimatti, L. Poggini, E. Otero, P. Sainctavit, B. Cortigiani, M. Mannini, A. Cornia, F. Totti, R. Sessoli

"Fe4 Single Molecule Magnets on Surfaces: Spectroscopic, Morphological and DFT Investigation"


Nanoforum 2014, Rome (Italy), 09/2014.

A. Caneschi

“Il ruolo dell’innovazione dei materiali nell’industria manifatturiera tradizionale”


SFB - Chemistry at Spn Centers II International Symposium 2014, 24-26/09/2014, Frankfurt (Germany).

R. Sessoli

“Lanthanides in molecular magnetism: a fascinating challenge” 


"ESMOLNA 2014" School, 26-31/10/2014, Gandia (Spain).

E. Lucaccini, L. Sorace,M. Perfetti,J.-P. Costes, R. Sessoli,

"Magnetic characterization of lanthanide complexes with C3 molecular symmetry"


Nanotech Italy 2014, Venice (Italy), 11/2014.

A. Caneschi

“Ceramic Future through Nanomaterials”


Workshop "Functional metalorganics and hybrids", 16-20/11/2014, Bad Honnef (Germany).

R. Sessoli, M.-E. Boulon, M. Mannini, L. Poggini, A. Caneschi, A. Rogalev, F. Wilhelm, M. Scarrozza, P. Barone, S. Picozzi 

“Magneto-chiral and magneto-electric effects in molecular nanowires”  

M. Mannini, L. Poggini, G. Poneti, L. Malavolti, E. Tancini, F. Bertani, C. Tudisco, A. Dei, P. Sainctavit, E. Dalcanale, G.G. Condorelli, A. Cornia, R. Sessoli

“X-ray absorption spectroscopy based investigations of chemically grafted magnetic molecules”

G. Fernandez Garcia, A. Lunghi, S. Ninova, R. Sessoli, F. Totti

“Characterization of Molecular Magnets on Surfaces by DFT: [Fe4(Ph-C(CH2O)3)2(dpm)6] on Au(111) and LSMO”


Workshop "Functionalized molecule-based magnetic materials", 23-27/11/2014, Biefefeld (Germany).

E. Lucaccini,  L. Sorace, L. Chelazzi, J.-P. Costes, F. Grepioni, R. Sessoli

"Static and dynamic magnetic characterization of an isomorphous series of lanthanide complexes"

M. Perfetti, E. Lucaccini, L. Sorace, M.E. Boulon, G. Cucinotta, F. El-Hallak, J.P. Costes, S. Gao and R. Sessoli

“Cantilever magnetometry: a powerfull tool to understand magnetic anisotropy”

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