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Francesco Pineider

Francesco Pineider s

Francesco Pineider received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Florence in 2009 with a thesis on the properties of single molecule magnet monolayers over gold surfaces under the supervision of Prof. Roberta Sessoli. He spent his post-doc years between the University of Florence (supervisor: Prof. Andrea Caneschi, Prof. Roberta Sessoli) and the University of Padua/CNR (supervisor: Prof. Lidia Armelao) working in the emerging field of magnetoplasmonics, the interaction between magnetic materials with plasmonic nanostructures.

Francesco has been awarded with several early career awards, among which the European Award for Doctoral Thesis on Molecular Magnetism (2010) from the European Institute of Molecular Magnetism for his PhD thesis work and the NEST award for Nanoscience (2014) from Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa for his work on magnetoplasmonics.

He is currently fixed term researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry at the University of Pisa.


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