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The 2022 OKIA prize has been awarded to Mauro Perfetti in Rennes during the European Conference of Molecular Magnetism
With the ambitious project ELECTRA Mauro will investigate the influence of electric field on magnetic molecules
In Angewandte Chemie our results that spin coherence of the sandwich complex [CpTi(cot)] survives for tens of ms despite the many hydrogens
The first edition of the Malatesta Prize of the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society has been awarded to Roberta Sessoli
The exotic phenomenon of magnetochiral dichroism is studied and the key role played by spin-orbit coupling unveiled
The González-Ciamician Award 2020 of the Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain has been attributed to Roberta Sessoli
Magnetic molecules and superconductors: novel materials for quantum technologies
Prof. Roberta Sessoli has been awarded by the 2019 Centenary Prize form the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Roberta Sessoli is among the highly cited researchers according to Clarivate Analytics.
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