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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare

Magnetic techniques


SQUID Susceptometer

Quantum Design

Operating in the 1.8-300 K temperature range, with a spectral window between 0.1 and 1000 Hz, and with a static magnetic field in the 1 mT-5 T range.


Physical Property Measurement System - PPMS

Quantum Design

Equipped with: i) Vibrating Sample Mode,ii) AC susceptometer 10-10000 Hz, iii) Experimental setup for electrical and magnetic transport measurements. The instrument operates in the 0-9 T field range and in the 2-300 K temperature range.

Cantilever LaMM

Magnetometer Cantilever

Oxford Instruments MAGLAB2000

High sensitivity and high magnetic fields (up to 12 T) magnetometer. Operating in the 1.6-300 K temperature range. It can be used for magnetic anysotropy measuraments for single crystals and films.

With all the instruments previosly described, it is possible to irradiate the sample with various optical fibers.

The available sources are a 75 W Xe lamp, and laser diodes at 904, 850, 785, 690, 658, 655, 534, and 405 nm.


Magnetic Heating Equipment

Set-up with CELES MP6 generator, operating in the 50-400 kHz frequency range with magnetic fields up to 11 kA/m for magnetic nanoparticles hypertermia measurements.

last update: 11-Mar-2020
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