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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare
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Services for Enterprises

Services for Enterprises


The LaMM laboratory actively collaborates with local and international enterprises.


We offer a wide range of high quality services as development and charaterisation of mangnetic materials or nanomaterials, specific analysis and modelisation. The following list is only an example of some of them. Contact our Referent for enterprises to discuss your specific needs and have an estimate of costs. You can also read our Services offered to find more information according to the type of material.

1) investigation of dynamic and static magnetic properties of every type of material. Maximum range of temperatures: 0,3 - 1000 K;

2) study of metal ion paramagnetic and radical systems by Electron Paramagnetic Spectroscopy. Range of temperature: 2-300 K;

3) characterisation of superconductors. Range of temperature: 2-350 K;

4) synthesis and morphological and elemental determination of multifunctional nanoparticles, in particular with magnetic and/or optical properties;

5) determination of the hyperthermic capabilities of nanostructures based on magnetic materials for biomedical applications;

6) magneto-optic characterization of nanostructured, bulk and diluted material (by means of SMOKE, KERR and Faraday measurements). Measures of magneto-plasmonic effect. Range of temperature: 2-300 K;

7) AC-DC transport measurements under magnetic field up to 9 T, temperature range 2 – 400 K;

8) surface analysis and microscopies (XPS, LEIS, LEED, XPD, UPS, TDS, STM, AFM, MFM, TEM with EDAX and STEM, FEI-ESEM, Helium-Ions microscopy with sub-nanometer resolution). Range of temperatures: 2 - 300 K for MFM and 20 -300 K for STM;

9) molecules and metals thick and thin films preparation by molecular evaporation in UHV condition, or by spin-coating controlled and programmable apparatus;

10) preparation of molecules monolayers, sub-monolayers or films by wet procedure;

11) molecular structure determination of powders and single crystals compounds. Maximum range of temperatures: 12 - 800 K;

12) X-ray micro-tomography: it allows the exploration of the inner part of every kind of solid compounds. It virtually cuts sections or even fly through samples non-destructively. No preparation, coating or vacuum treatment is needed. It generates 3D images of sample’s morphology and internal microstructure with resolution down to the sub-micron level;

13) modelisation: calculation facilities and competences are available for theoretical studies on magnetic properties and surface bindings;

14) standard elemental analysis, also at very low concentration.

last update: 29-June-2017
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