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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare

Molecular Nanomagnets



The investigation  of magnetic bistability in magnetic molecules has been the focus of intense research in our laboratory since the discovery of the first Single Molecule Magnet. The main source of the blocking of the magnetization at the single molecule level is magnetic anisotropy, which is here studied in detail. Though extremely large magnetic anisotropies can be encountered, in particular in lanthanide-based molecules, other mechanisms such as quantum tunneling and coupling to molecular vibrations need to be controlled to increase the temperature at which the magnetic memory of the molecules can be exploited.


Beyond the organization of these molecules on surfaces and their integration in spintronic devices, the laboratory is active in the investigation of the interplay of chirality and magnetism, as well as in the study of other types of bistable molecules, such as those exhibiting spin crossover behavior and redox isomerism.



Roberta Sessoli

Dante Gatteschi (Emeritus Professor)

Andrea Caneschi

Cristiano Benelli

Lorenzo Sorace

Maria Fittipaldi

Donella Rovai




Thermal and optical control of electronic states in a single layer of switchable paramagnetic molecules
Chem. Sci., 2015



Strong magneto-chiral dichroism in a paramagnetic molecular helix observed by hard X-rays
Nature Physics, 2015




Quantum tunnelling of the magnetization in a monolayer of oriented single-molecule magnets
Nature, 2010

last update: 27-Feb-2018
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