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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare

Nanosystems and devices


Nanosystems and devices

The prerequisite for the development of a technology based on magnetic molecules and magnetic nanoparticles is the successful organization at the nanoscale allowing to maintain the richness of the magnetic and electronic properties of the chemically designed and tailored objects. UHV depositions and wet chemistry based protocols are used to assemble molecular and inorganic nanosystems controlling their interactions.

The integration of these objects in hybrid architectures that can be addressed using specific mesoscopic probes is the following step forward that can promote the realization of application in several fields ranging from molecular spintronics, quantum computing, magneto-plasmonics and photovoltaics.



Matteo Mannini (Principal Investigator)

Brunetto Cortigiani (Technician)

Giulia Serrano (Researcher)

Lorenzo Poggini (CNR Researcher)

Niccolò Giaconi (Post doc)

Alessandro Veneri (PhD Student)


Previous Members

Giuseppe Cucinotta

Irene Cimatti

Michele Serri

Luigi Malavolti

Valeria Lanzilotto

Lorenzo Squillantini

Andrea Sorrentino





Chirality-Induced Spin Selectivity: An Enabling Technology for Quantum Applications
VdW Mediated Strong Magnetic Exchange Interactions in Chains of Hydrogen-Free Sublimable Molecular Qubits
Mixed-Sandwich Titanium(III) Qubits on Au(111): Electron Delocalization Ruled by Molecular Packing
Magnetic molecules as sensors of topological hysteresis of superconductors
Direct detection of spin polarization in photoinduced charge transfer through a chiral bridge
Engineering Chemisorption of Fe4 Single-Molecule Magnets on Gold
Graphical abstract: Plasmon-enhanced magneto-optical detection of single-molecule magnets

Graphical abstract: Surface effects on a photochromic spin-crossover iron(ii) molecular switch adsorbed on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite


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MFM on TbPC2 dots

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An Organic Spin Valve Embedding a Self-Assembled Monolayer of Organic Radicals

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A Combined Ion Scattering, Photoemission, and DFT Investigation on the Termination Layer of a La0.7S0.3MnO3 Spin Injecting Electrode

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last update: 22-June-2023
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