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Molecular Spins for Quantum Applications



Quantum information technology, one of the pillars of the technological revolution that is foreseen for the next decades, has its core in the quantum bit, or qubit, i.e., a two states quantum−mechanical system able to be placed in a state of coherent superposition of these two states. Physical realizations of qubits can be found in many systems, but recently magnetic molecules have attracted interest thanks to their chemical tunability. The group is focusing on: (i) fundamental mechanisms governing the spin dynamics for a rational design of molecular qubits; (ii) their assembling on surfaces to achieve single molecule addressing; (iii) the synthesis of multi-spin systems to realize quantum gates; (iv) exploitation of chirality-induced spin selectivity to control and readout the spin.



Roberta Sessoli (Principal Investigator)

Lorenzo Sorace

Fabio Santanni (Post Doc)

Davide Ranieri (PhD student)

+ computation team


Previous Members

Lorenzo Tesi 

Matteo Atzori




Chiral-induced spin selectivity: an enabling technology for quantum applications
A. Chiesa, A. Privitera, E. Macaluso, M. Mannini, R. Bittl,* R. Naaman,* M. R. Wasielewski,* R. Sessoli,* S. Carretta*
The critical role of ultra-low-energy vibrations in the relaxation dynamics of molecular qubits
Garlatti, E., Albino, A., Chicco, S., Nguyen, V. H., Santanni, F., Paolasini, L., Mazzoli, C., Caciuffo, R., Totti, F., Santini, P., Sessoli, R., Lunghi, A., & Carretta, S.



An exchange coupled meso–meso linked vanadyl porphyrin dimer for quantum information processing
D. Ranieri, F. Santanni, A. Privitera, A. Albino, E. Salvadori, M. Chiesa, F. Totti, L. Sorace, R. Sessoli
Mixed-Sandwich Titanium(III) Qubits on Au(111): Electron Delocalization Ruled by Molecular Packing
M. Briganti, G. Serrano, L. Poggini, A. L. Sorrentino, B. Cortigiani, L. C. de Camargo, J. F. Soares, A. Motta, A. Caneschi, M. Mannini, F. Totti, R. Sessoli


 Quantum-coherent nanoscience

Nature Nanotechnology, 2021

A. J. Heinrich*, W. D. Oliver, L. M. K. Vandersypen, A. Ardavan, R. Sessoli, D. Loss, A. B. Jayich, J. Fernandez-Rossier, A. Laucht, A. Morello*

Assessing the Nature of Chiral-Induced Spin Selectivity by Magnetic Resonance

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2021

A. Chiesa, M. Chizzini, E. Garlatti, E. Salvadori, F. Tacchino, P. Santini, I. Tavernelli, R. Bittl, M. Chiesa, R. Sessoli, S. Carretta

Exploring the Organometallic Route to Molecular Spin Qubits: the [CpTi(cot)] case

Angewandte Chemie, 2020

L. C. de Camargo, M. Briganti,
F. S. Santana, D.  Stinghen, R. Ribeiro, G. G. Nunes, Jaísa F. Soares, E. Salvadori, M. Chiesa, S. Benci, R. Torre, L. Sorace, F. Totti, R. Sessoli

Probing Vibrational Symmetry Effects and Nuclear Spin Economy Principles in Molecular Spin Qubits

Inorganic Chemistry, 2020

Fabio Santanni, Andrea Albino, Matteo Atzori, Davide Ranieri, Enrico Salvadori, Mario Chiesa, Alessandro Lunghi, Andrea Bencini, Lorenzo Sorace, Federico Totti, Roberta Sessoli


Storage and retrieval of microwave pulses with molecular spin ensembles

NPj Quantum Information, 2020 

Claudio Bonizzoni, Alberto Ghirri, Fabio Santanni, Matteo Atzori, Lorenzo Sorace, Roberta Sessoli & Marco Affronte

Unveiling phonons in a molecular qubit with four-dimensional inelastic neutron  scattering and density functional theory

Nature Commun. 2020, 11, 1751

E. Garlatti, L. Tesi, A. Lunghi, M. Atzori, D. J. Voneshen, P. Santini, S. Sanvito, T. Guidi, R. Sessoli & S. Carretta

The Second Quantum Revolution: Role and Challenges of Molecular Chemistry


J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2019

Matteo Atzori and Roberta Sessol

Tunable spin-superconductor coupling of spin ½ vanadyl-phthalocyanine molecules

Nanoletters, 2018

Luigi Malavolti,* Matteo Briganti,  Max Hänze,  Giulia Serrano,  Irene Cimatti, 
Gregory McMurtrie,  Edwige Otero,  Philippe Ohresser, Federico Totti,*  Matteo Mannini,  Roberta Sessoli,  and Sebastian Loth*


Scaling up electronic spin qubits into a three-dimensional metal-organic framework

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2018

T. Yamabayashi, M. Atzori, L. Tesi, G. Cosquer, F. Santanni, M.-E. Boulon, E. Morra, S. Benci, R. Torre, M. Chiesa, L. Sorace, R. Sessoli, M. Yamashita

Graphical abstract: A two-qubit molecular architecture for electron-mediated nuclear quantum simulation A two-qubit molecular architecture for electron-mediated nuclear quantum simulation

Chem. Sci., 2018

(2018 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection)

M. Atzori, A. Chiesa, E. Morra, M. Chiesa, L. Sorace, S. Carretta and R. Sessol

Spin Dynamics and Low Energy Vibrations qubits
Spin Dynamics and Low Energy Vibrations: Insights from Vanadyl-Based Potential Molecular Qubits

 J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2017

M. Atzori,L. Tesi, S. Benci, A. Lunghi, R. Righini, A. Taschin, R. Torre, L. Sorace, and R. Sessoli

Quantum Coherence Times Enhancement Molecular Qubits

Quantum Coherence Times Enhancement in Vanadium(IV)-based Potential Molecular Qubits: the Key Role of the Vanadyl Moiety

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016

M. Atzori, E. Morra, L. Tesi, A. Albino, M. Chiesa, L. Sorace, and R. Sessoli
 Room-Temperature Quantum Coherence and Rabi Oscillations  Room-Temperature Quantum Coherence and Rabi Oscillations in Vanadyl Phthalocyanine: Toward Multifunctional Molecular Spin Qubits

 J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016

M. Atzori,  L. Tesi, E. Morra, M. Chiesa, L. Sorace, and R. Sessoli


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