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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare

Research Activity

The research activity of Andrea Caneschi has been mainly focused on the field of magnetism and inorganic chemistry. It started working on the synthesis and study of the magnetic properties of molecular based systems, with specific attention to the characterization by X-ray diffraction techniques. He spent several year preparing and studying systems based on paramagnetic metal ions and stable organic radicals. Then he was involved since the beginning to the discovery and development of the Single Molecule Magnets class of material, playing an important role in the synthesis and characterization of this molecules, as like as for the Single Chain Magnets one. After about one decade since the discovery of Single Molecule Magnets he started to work in parallel in the field of nanostructured magnetic materials for different application, ranging from nanomedicine, to memory devices and energy saving. In this filed his contribution was more focused on the characterization of the material. In the recent part of his research career he followed also two different fields: the first one is the developing of scale-up procedure for the production of nanostructured magnetic material from the lab-scale of grams to the industrial scale of kilos and tenths of kilos; the second one is to support, thanks to his chemical experience, the research of molecules nano-organised on surfaces aimed to develop real Spintronic and Quantum Information Processing applications.

last update: 15-May-2017
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