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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare

Research activity

Matteo Mannini established a new research field for the LaMM group related to the deposition of single molecule magnets, organic radicals, valence tautomers and spin cross-over on surfaces establishing specific preparation protocols based on wet chemistry and UHV-compatible approaches. He adopted and combined several characterization tools for the analysis of these hybrid nanostructures including the use of scanning probe microscopies and other surface science techniques with an extensive use of large scale facility tools.

He is now interested in the evaluation of magnetic field effects in hybrid architectures and he is working on the incorporation of magnetic molecules and nanoparticles in these complex structures exploring their functional properties for photovoltaics, spintronic and magnetoplasmonic purposes.

In parallel he started to collaborate with local industries to promote their innovation based on the use of nanomaterials and nanotech-related characterization tools.

He received the "Olivier Kahn International award for molecular magnetism" (2017), the "Raffaello Nasini Medal for Inorganic Chemistry"(2017), the "Niccolò Copernico award for Physics" (2010) and the "NEST award for Nanoscience" (2009). He is author of 85 publication in scientific paper (H-index 28).

last update: 20-Mar-2018
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