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LaMM Laboratorio di Magnetismo Molecolare

History of LaMM

The Laboratory of Molecular Magnetism, LaMM, finds its origin in the magneto-chemical investigation of Coordination Compounds which has been one of the original features of the Florentine School of Coordination Chemistry founded by Luigi Sacconi. It followed the developments of what was called Magneto-chemistry, i.e. the use of magnetic measurements for obtaining structural information, into Molecular Magnetism, i.e. the design, the synthesis, the physical characterization and the modellization of molecular based magnetic materials.


LaMM has been one of the protagonists of the development of Molecular Magnetism at international level and has established a paradigm of the type of investigations to be performed on molecular magnets. This requires synthetic ability, the use of many different physical techniques of investigation, a deep understanding of the theoretical background, and the use of sophisticated computational techniques for the modellization of the structural and physical properties.


Nowadays, LAMM is involved in many fields of Molecular Nanomagnets, from the exploration of the quantum abilities of simple molecular system, to the development of new Single-Molecule Magnets, up to Nanoparticles synthesis and characterization. Further, thanks to an ERC project, the laboratory is today an important international center of surface materials.

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last update: 17-Sep-2017
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